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Estate Planning: Think with Your Head Instead of Your Heart

The process of creating an estate plan is filled with emotion-laden decisions. It’s centered on life-and-death issues with personal property and financial assets mixed in.

Charitable Giving

Giving to others, whether it’s with money, resources, time, services, or assets, may truly help make the world a little bit better for ourselves and future generations. For every reason you may think of to give, there’s probably a charity with a matching need. Perhaps there’s an organization that you want to help reach its… View Article

Social Security Disability Benefits

Many people plan on working all the way through to their planned retirement age, whatever age that might be. But sometimes things can happen that disrupt those plans. What if a disability were to prevent you from doing the work that’s been the source of your income? If you become disabled, Social Security may provide… View Article

Roth IRA Vs. Traditional IRA

The Roth versus traditional IRA debate has been around since 1998. Which one is better for you? Of course the answer depends on many factors, but the kind of IRA you choose can have an important effect on your long-term savings. Thus, it helps to understand the differences between the two. First, there are income… View Article

Planning For Medicare

Professor Rick Plum made an interesting comment on our program a little while back. He said that when people are projected to receive a certain amount on their Social Security check, the amount they’re expecting may not be the amount they actually receive. This is partly because of the Medicare premium that will be deducted… View Article

The Social Security Income Penalty

If you’re still working and are considering taking Social Security benefits it’s important to know that your benefits could be reduced or eliminated under certain circumstances.

Sequence-of-Return Risk

Large ups and downs in the stock market can be scary for a new retiree. When volatility reigns, those who depend on their portfolios for support through their retirement years can start to feel queasy.

The Pension Maximization Strategy

The pension maximization technique is not for everyone, but could be worth considering as you evaluate your pension benefit options.

The Social Security Restricted Application Strategy

One of the most important decisions you’ll make about your retirement is when to begin taking your Social Security payments. It’s often times more complex than just deciding between taking a lower benefit at age 62 or a higher benefit later.

Sorting Out The Retirement Plans

You may have seen the many different retirement plans that are out there, along with their associated IRS code sections, but how do you determine which plan is best suited for you?

Asset Allocation vs. Asset Location

Most advice on saving for retirement that’s put out by bloggers, columnists, and journalists centers around the concept of asset allocation. They all tell you that you can best reach your retirement goals by placing your funds into different categories, dividing them up based upon age, risk tolerance, or projected retirement date.

What’s the Best Age for You to Start Social Security Benefits

On the topic of Social Security, many (if not most) of the calls we get from our viewers and listeners have to do with which age is best for someone to start taking their benefits.

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