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Estate Tax Vs. Gift Tax

Estate Tax Vs. Gift Tax

Caller Barbara would like to know how to pay out an account to her children upon her death. Would it count towards the $14,000 gift tax? is your first stop on the path to retirement. Watch live shows, view video clips on demand, and read…

Deferring Taxes

A common piece of financial advice that’s floating around in print magazines and online journals is that a person should spend taxable money first, leaving IRAs and other tax-deferred accounts to grow tax free until they withdraw the funds many years later.

Charitable Giving

Giving to others, whether it’s with money, resources, time, services, or assets, may truly help make the world a little bit better for ourselves and future generations. For every reason you may think of to give, there’s probably a charity with a matching need. Perhaps there’s an organization that you want to help reach its… View Article