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RMD Basics

RMD Basics

What factors must be taken into account when calculating your required minimum distribution? is your first stop on the path to retirement. Watch live shows, view video clips on demand, and read our informative articles to get educated tod…

Getting to Know Bonds

A bond, as some people are likely aware, is a loan from the investor to the issuer of the bond. Investors can lend to corporations, local municipalities, and the Federal Government (to name a few examples).

Planning for 2015

The new year has begun, and that means there’s very little you can change at this point to impact your financial goals for 2014. But it’s a great opportunity to look ahead and see what you may do to potentially help you reach your financial goals for 2015.

Asset Allocation vs. Asset Location

Most advice on saving for retirement that’s put out by bloggers, columnists, and journalists centers around the concept of asset allocation. They all tell you that you can best reach your retirement goals by placing your funds into different categories, dividing them up based upon age, risk tolerance, or projected retirement date.